Who is Carlito?

Carlito is a Software as a Service solution that provides hospitality businesses with an exclusive Progressive Web App (PWA) solution. Enabled by an intuitive modular system and control centre, small- to high-end luxury accommodation businesses can design and publish apps and content to provide their guests with an individual digital holiday experience (information, communication and service functions).

Our Vision

We strive to be a one-stop-shop for providing custom digital guest journeys, by using emerging technologies to build and improve tools that satisfy the needs of hospitality trends.

Our core values:

  • Increase host revenue
  • Decrease fragmentation
  • Workflow optimisation
  • Positive ecological impact
  • Reduce friction along our customer journey
  • Usability and technology democratisation

The Team behind Carlito

Founder & CEO | Product

Jim Unterweger

Product designer and techie with an obsession of aesthetics. Leading the pack of Maniacs. jim@carlito-app.com

Founder | Sales & Marketing

Michael Hochkofler

The man who everyone knows and the man who knows everyone - supplying Carlito to the world. michael@carlito-app.com

Co-Founder | Finance & Partnerships

Moritz Carrescia

Number guru and business developer. Responsible for strong partnerships and ascending graphs in our revenue. moritz@carlito-app.com

Co-Founder & CTO | Tech

Maximilian Torggler

Fullstack Software Developer and server(less) magician. Developer by day, developer by night.

Sales Director | CH

Lena Laimer

A true hot shot in the tourism sector and hungry for expansion. Bringing the sexiest app in hospitality to the land of cheese and chocolate! gruezi@carlito-app.com

Account Executive | South Tyrol

Tobias Ganterer

Probably the most charming sales guy you've ever seen. Enchanting customers and delighting them with our products.

Account Executive | ESP

Felipe Guerrero

Our sales and marketing matador, hitting the bullseye in every sales pitch. Olé! hola@carlito-app.com


Hannes Rubner

Young gun programming witzard and bughunter at Carlito.

Content Manager

Simon Gasser

Artist at heart, content manager at Carlito - the cherry on top for our communication.

Outbound Sales Coordinator

Valentin Zischg

Young gun and hungry for (customer) success - Valli keeps our sales team busy and makes sure our Sales process is sharper than ever.