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How Carlito helped Hotel Paradies enhance guest interactions

In the ever-changing landscape of the hospitality industry, Hotel Paradies, a 75-room family hotel, took a bold step forward. By leveraging all channels offered by Carlito, they aimed to provide a 5-star service to guests of all generations.


The results? A significant decrease in peak-time congestion at the reception and a successful transition towards an almost entirely paper-free guest communication.


Explore this case study to see how Carlito's suite of tools and technologies have enhanced guest interactions at Hotel Paradies.

A paradise for all generations

With a rich history spanning almost 50 years and over 70 rooms, the 5-star Hotel Paradies in Latsch stands as one of the Vinschgau Valley's esteemed landmarks.

This family-operated establishment, now in its third generation, embodies a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, across all areas from management to reception, marketing to wellness, and dining to service. Six family members actively contribute to the hotel's operations, adding a personal touch to every guest interaction.

The recent remodeling introduced a plethora of enhancements, with a revamped bar taking center stage, transforming it into a vibrant hub uniting all aspects of the hotel.

Recognizing the need for digital transformation, the younger generation at the helm chose Carlito as their partner to usher in this era. Their vision? Integrate technology seamlessly into daily operations, enhancing both guest experience and staff efficiency. Two years into this journey, they've witnessed a significant rise in app usage and a drastic reduction in time spent on manual tasks.

In staying true to their philosophy of offering "an experience for all generations," the hotel ensures every guest, irrespective of age, finds their place - from the Kids Club to the Adults only Silence Spa Garden. They've even catered to guests not carrying smartphones by setting up a touch screen and TV display, providing access to Carlito and all essential information at their fingertips.

Carlito enables our guests to find all important information quickly and easily directly in the app. 

 Pirhofer Family

Hotel Owners - Das Paradies *****

The Challenge

In the fast-paced world of hospitality, providing information to guests swiftly and efficiently, especially during high-demand check-in and check-out periods, can pose a significant challenge. For the team at Hotel Paradies, this issue was straining resources and could potentially affect their renowned service standards. Moreover, the heavy reliance on paper-based communication was becoming a sustainability concern. The hotel faced two immediate needs - managing guest services during peak times effectively and aligning their operations with their environmental responsibilities.

The Solution

Using a combination of our TV app, an interactive touch kiosk for older travellers and the full-blown mobile app with ordering process, carlito was able to elevate the guest experience in multiple touchpoints. Even staff operations have been positively impacted by the resulting workflow optimisations.

Multi Channel

Carlito enables the Hotel Paradies to communicate faster with their house guests and offers all relevant information bundled in one app. Carlito is used in all possible areas of the hotel, from enabling and managing bar orders, to daily recommendations on the TV screen. The app and control center is very easy to use and user-friendly for inexperienced personnel.

Contactless Onboarding

A key advantage of the Carlito platform is its positive impact on environmental sustainability. Hotel Paradies, with the help of Carlito's digitized communication, has significantly reduced the use of printed materials. This not only supports their environmental commitments but also ensures that all necessary information is easily accessible to guests, proving that improved guest experience and sustainability can go hand in hand.

Onboarding & Integration

Within just two days, Hotel Paradies seamlessly integrated Carlito's platform, a testament to Carlito's compatibility with all Property Management Systems. The result was immediate noticeable improvements in workflows and communication, emphasizing Carlito's commitment to offering user-friendly experiences for guests and hotel partners.

The bundled information is much more accessible and it really reliefs our employees, especially our reception.

Andreas Pernthaler

Hotel Manager - Das Paradies *****


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