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Local Cuisine, Wellness, and Digital Convenience:

The Gerstl & Carlito Partnership

Embracing its transition to a 5-star hotel, Gerstl Hotel perfectly marries tradition with modernity. Their dedication to creating memorable guest experiences is undiminished; rather, they've chosen to augment their approach with digital solutions like Carlito. By improving guest communications, they keep visitors up-to-date and well-informed about the unique experiences Gerstl has to offer.


Keep reading to learn how Carlito is contributing to this new chapter at Gerstl Hotel.

Local Cuisine and Wellness: Gerstl's Sustainable Journey with Carlito

Gerstl Family Resort, committed to their R30 philosophy, pledges to source regional products from within a 30-kilometer radius. Around 60 providers, including local Vinschgau farmers, contribute to their culinary tradition, securing a sustainable and regional supply for all seasons. The farmers even participate in in-house cooking during summer, ensuring the cuisine's authenticity.

Apart from this culinary commitment, Gerstl offers a multitude of amenities like luxurious wellness facilities, invigorating saunas, and panoramic pools. For those seeking adventure, there are bike rentals and organized cultural events that guests can partake in.

Recognizing the importance of clear and timely communication with their guests, Gerstl turned to

Carlito, to provide on-demand information and tips.


Any queries about the app's design and functionality are swiftly addressed, with a Carlito representative just a call away.

This transformation highlights Gerstl's dedication to superior customer service in their digital journey.

Thanks to Carlito we can offer our guests numerous possibilities and thus facilitate their vacation planning.

Hostfamily Gerstl & Team

DAS GERSTL Alpine Retreat *****

The Challenge

Prior to their partnership with Carlito, Gerstl Family Resort relied on a different hotel app to engage with their guests. However, they encountered numerous technical issues which led to a sub-optimal user experience. Additionally, their communication with guests was not as effective and efficient as they would have liked it to be.


This, combined with their commitment to sustainability, necessitated a reduction in their paper consumption. All of these factors posed significant challenges, which they aimed to overcome with their new digital solution

The Solution

Implementing Carlito's app, Hotel Gerstl found a practical way to optimize services, engage guests, and uphold their unique R30 philosophy. This customized solution not only enhanced the hotel's brand aesthetic but also served as a multifaceted tool for guests and, a medium for sustainable practices.

Guest Experience

The visually appealing and user-friendly design of Carlito's app aligns perfectly with Hotel Gerstl's brand identity. With our solution, guests now have a multitude of options to facilitate vacation planning, offering comprehensive information well in advance.

Promoting Sustainable Practices

The Carlito app has also served as a handy tool to communicate Gerstl's unique R30 philosophy. Through the app, guests can learn about the R30 suppliers, thus enhancing their understanding and appreciation for the local delicacies offered at the hotel.

With the morning post now transitioned into a digital format, not only does it promote sustainability by reducing paper usage, but it also complements the guests' wellness journey by starting their day with a stress-free experience.

Onboarding & Integration

Within a mere two days, Hotel Gerstl integrated Carlito's platform into their existing system. This quick and efficient integration facilitated an immediate enhancement in communication, wellness amenities utilization, and awareness about their unique R30 concept.

Carlito's commitment to easy-to-use solutions not only benefits guests but also empowers hotel partners, making it an instrumental part in reinforcing Hotel Gerstl's wellness experience.

The results speak for themselves


New guests interact with the App monthly, proving the value proposition andease of use.


of time is is saved  each month by guests using the digital platform


efficiency increase for Food & Drink workflows

Carlito enables us to provide our guests to simplify their vacation planning and offer tips for individual needs at any time. It helps us promote mindfulness in our business to guests and staff. Through digitalization, we significantly reduce paper consumption and reach our sustainability goals.

Hostfamily Gerstl & Team

DAS GERSTL Alpine Retreat *****


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