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More revenue and a better guest experience

Simplify Your Booking Process and enhance guest experiences with our web based cross-selling platform. Designed to help hotels boost revenue and optimize operations.

Screenshot of the Bookito cross-selling platform, displaying personalized offers to hotel guests based on their preferences and past bookings. This platform helps hotels increase revenue and improve the guest experience by offering relevant and enticing upsell opportunities during the booking process
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What is Bookito Cross-Selling?

In today's highly competitive hospitality industry, hoteliers face numerous challenges in managing their operations and delivering personalized guest experiences. Efficient hotel operations are crucial to success, but many hotels struggle with disorganization, overbooking, and limited visibility into guest preferences. That's where Bookito comes in.

Screenshot of Bookito's service setup module featuring customizable options for pricing, duration, and participants, streamlining hotel service booking and scheduling for a seamless guest experience.

Effortlessly transform Services into Bookable Experiences

Streamline your hotel's service bookings using our easy-to-use calendar management tool. Bookito empowers hotels to make all their services readily available for guests, maximizing convenience and boosting revenue. Say goodbye to manual scheduling hassles and let Bookito optimize your hotel's booking process with ease.

Service Categories

Create and manage categories for different hotel services, enabling better organization and efficient booking management. This allows you to group related services together, making it easier for guests to navigate and find what they need.

​Bookable Services

Within each category, you can create specific bookable services. For example, under a "Spa" category, you can list various spa treatments for guests to book. This feature enables guests to easily book the services they desire, leading to enhanced guest satisfaction and increased revenue opportunities.

Full Customization

Each bookable service can be fully customized with descriptions, pricing, and availability. This allows hoteliers to provide detailed information about each service, ensuring guests have all the necessary information to make informed decisions when booking.

​Multilingual Support

Leverage DeepL Premium integration to translate service information into various languages, catering to a diverse clientele and enhancing the guest experience.

Simple Booking Process

Bookito's user-friendly interface ensures a seamless booking experience for guests, promoting convenience and satisfaction.

Screenshot of Bookito's bookings overview feature, offering an all-encompassing view of hotel bookings in a customizable monthly or weekly format. The platform provides flexible options to enable or hide service categories, streamlining hotel operations for optimal guest experiences.

Gain a comprehensive overview of your hotel services with bookito

Stay in control of your hotel's bookings with Bookito's all-encompassing overview feature. Easily switch between monthly and weekly views, and have the flexibility to hide or enable service categories.

Bookito helps you stay on top of your hotel's operations, ensuring efficiency and optimal guest experiences.

Monthly and Weekly Views

Conveniently view and manage your hotel's bookings using both monthly and weekly calendar perspectives, allowing you to better understand guest trends and plan accordingly.

User-Friendly Interface

Bookito's intuitive platform simplifies the process of managing your hotel's services, making it easier for you and your staff to stay organized and efficient.

Hide or Enable Categories

Craft your directory's content to convey your brand's tone and messaging effectively.

"Screenshot of Bookito's booking management feature with easy tracking of reservation status and streamlined process for efficient hotel operations.

Booking request management

Take control of your hotel's booking requests using Bookito's robust management feature. Easily track the status of reservations, including confirmed, waiting, cancelled, and waiting list bookings. Simplify your hotel's booking management process and ensure an organized and efficient operation.

Customizable categories

Stay up-to-date on the status of your hotel's bookings, with clear visibility on confirmed, waiting, cancelled, and waiting list reservations.

Reduced Overbooking Risk

Easily manage your waiting list and monitor booking cancellations to minimize the risk of overbooking and potential guest dissatisfaction.

Informed Decision Making

Analyze booking trends and patterns to make data-driven decisions about your hotel's service offerings and capacity planning, helping to optimize your operations and maximize revenue.

Digital guest directory's F&B ordering feature for in-room or poolside orders, enhancing guest experience and streamlining hotel operations

Simplify F&B Service and Delight Guests

A hassle-free food and beverage solution designed to enhance the guest experience and optimize hotel F&B operations. Guests can order food, drinks, and breakfast from the comfort of their rooms or by the pool, without having to wait in lines or worry about placing orders in person. For hotels, this, streamlines the ordering process, reduces wait times, and frees up staff to focus on delivering exceptional service. This feature, helps hotels to boost guest satisfaction, increase revenue, and optimize their F&B operations.

Quick & Easy Ordering

Stay up-to-date on the status of your hotel's bookings, with clear visibility on confirmed, waiting, cancelled, and waiting list reservations.

Flexible Delivery Options

Allow your guests to choose from a range of flexible delivery options, including in-room delivery, poolside service, or pick-up at a designated location, providing them with greater convenience and control over their dining experience.

Streamlined F&B Operations

The Order Feature streamlines the ordering process, reduces wait times, and frees up staff to focus on delivering exceptional service.

Key benefits for GUESTS

Screenshot 1 of the product on user's end

Hassle-free booking

Guests can effortlessly book hotel services through a user-friendly platform, making their stay more enjoyable and hassle-free.

Screenshot no2 of the product on user's end

Service Selection

Detailed descriptions and customization options empower guests to make informed decisions, choosing services that match their individual needs and preferences, resulting in a highly personalized experience.

Real-Time Availability

Allow Your Guests to Book Services and Activities When They Want Them with Bookito's Real-Time Availability Management.

Unique Offerings

By centralizing all bookable services on one platform, hoteliers make it easier for guests to explore and book exclusive or unique services, further elevating their stay experience and setting the hotel apart from competitors.

Key benefits for ACCOMODATIONS

Central Management

With the booking patterns, hotels can make informed decisions about capacity planning, service offerings, and resource allocation, leading to improved operations and increased revenue.

Yielding Opportunities

By tracking booking trends and guest preferences, hotels can identify opportunities to yield their services and prices, maximizing profitability.

Cost Savings

Streamlined operations, better planning, and optimized resource allocation help hotels reduce costs and improve overall efficiency.

Convenient F&B Orders

The Order Feature streamlines F&B operations, boosts revenue, reduces wait times, and frees up staff to focus on delivering exceptional service with mobile ordering and multiple delivery options.

Screenshot of the digital guest directory platform, displaying both user-friendly front end interface for guests and efficient back end management for hotel staff.


Revenue Growth


Guest Retention


Operational Efficiency

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The MIRAMONTI used two different apps before switching to Carlito: one app where guests could order food&drinks from all areas of the hotel, and a second app that served as a digital guest portfolio. Carlito combines these functions and improves our workflow at the reception and the content management is really user-friendly. Visually, it is clearly structured and can be adapted perfectly to the hotel CI.

An photo of a female hotel staff member sharing her experience in a testimonial.

Annalena Messner



Our Carlito app gets used a lot by our guests. It is very user-friendly and there are always new cool features. Also the customer support is super friendly & competent. Simply a great product!

A photo of a male hotel owner sharing his thoughts and opinions through a testimonial about the Carlito app.

Christian Kupplwieser

Hotel Owner

Der Mohrenwirt ****

For our new hotel concept, we have really found an innovative partner in Carlito. Because the app is connected to our PMS and Orderando, our guests can easily book their consumption at our three trusted bars to their room. Tap your own beer, scan the QR code and transfer everything directly to your room in ASA via the app. Salute! This makes our workflow much easier and the guests enjoy using it. We definitely recommend Carlito!

A photo of a male hotel owner sharing his thoughts and opinions through a testimonial about the Carlito app.

Martin Pircher

Hotel Owner

Avidea ****

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