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What is a Digital Guest Directory?

A Digital Guest Directory is an essential tool for any modern hotel. With the ability to showcase amenities, services, and local activities, it simplifies the guest experience and enables them to plan their stay more efficiently. The platform is easy to use and allows hotels to manage their content effectively, including adding forms, QR codes, and links. Digital Guest Directory not only enhances the guest experience but also improves operational efficiency for hotels

No More Boring Brochures

Upgrade your hotel experience.
Delight your guests and improve your operations with our digital guest directory.

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Screenshot of our product called Digital Guest Directory featuring intuitive user interface and customizable content editor on a sleek, modern background

Effortlessly manage Guest Content with your Digital Guest Directory

Manage guest content effectively and efficiently with our digital guest directory. Our all-in-one platform allows hoteliers to showcase amenities, restaurant or bar menus, local activities, and more, while providing guests with a user-friendly interface for easy navigation. Improve guest satisfaction and streamline operations with our innovative solution.

Breaking Barriers with our AI Translation Tool

Effortlessly translate and manage multilingual content within the platform - powered by Deepl Enterprise.

Easily customize content with our intuitive editor

Manage your content with an easy and intuitive editor. Add links, PDFs, and forms with ease, enriching guest experiences and streamlining hotel services. No technical skills required.

Seasonally Adaptive Guest Directory

Keep your guest directory up-to-date with our dynamic content editor. Hide or display information based on seasonality, availability, or special events, ensuring guests receive relevant and timely information for a seamless stay at your hotel.

Showcase Content on Hotel TVs and Screens

Feature your digital guest directory on in-room TVs and screens property-wide, including guest rooms. Enhance guest experiences with appealing, accessible information that promotes your hotel's offerings and services.

Streamlined Reception with Adaptive Content

Reduce reception stress by making your digital guest directory accessible on all guest devices. Deliver adaptive, easily accessible information, promoting your hotel's services while enhancing the guest experience and optimizing reception workflow.

Screenshot of Digital Guest Directory's customizable branding options feature, allowing hotels to easily tailor their branding colors and visual style. This feature streamlines the guest experience by offering a comprehensive overview of available amenities, such as dining, spa, and fitness options.

Establish your hotel's brand presence with a custom white label guest directory

Make Your Hotel Stand Out with a Custom Digital Guest Directory. Tailor it to Showcase Your Unique Identity and Leave a Lasting Impression on Your Guests - from Check-In to Check-Out.

Customizable color schemes

Match your guest directory with your brand's color palette.

Logo integration

Incorporate your hotel's logo for increased brand visibility and recognition

Tailored content

Craft your directory's content to convey your brand's tone and messaging effectively

Screenshot of hotel's digital guest directory showcasing the Daily Bird feature, offering daily news, highlights, and personalized content to keep guests informed, entertained, and connected during their stay
Engaging Daily Updates with "Daily Bird"

Keep guests informed and entertained with our "Daily Bird" feature in your digital guest directory. Share daily news, highlights, and relevant content tailored to guest interests, fostering a sense of connection and enriching their overall stay.

Screenshot of the hotel's digital guest directory highlighting the Blog feature, showcasing stories about locally sourced ingredients and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the hotel team for a unique cultural experience.
Showcase Evergreen Content with Hotel Blog

The "Blog" feature is the perfect way for guests to immerse themselves in the unique culture of your hotel. From stories about your locally sourced ingredients to behind-the-scenes looks at your team, the blog provides guests with an inside scoop on what makes your hotel stand out.


Revenue Growth


Guest Retention


Operational Efficiency

Screenshot of Digital Guest Directory displaying hotel information and services, including menus, local activities, and more, providing guests with an easy-to-use platform for navigation and information access
We work with all major PMS providers to ensure seamless integration.
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Seamless integration into your Technology Environment is our top priority.

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Request a Demo 

Request a demo tailored to your specific needs, or sign up to see what our hotel platform can do for you.


Carlito AI Magic

Our content filling AI will create a personalized demo app with your branding, copy and imagery available on the web.


Access to your ready made app

In a 15 minute demo call our specialists will introduce you to the interface and you can get going for free! 


Watch your business grow 

Lean back and enjoy the benefits of Carlito. Watch your guests become more autonomous and ancillary revenues breaking records. 

4 simple steps to get started

The MIRAMONTI used two different apps before switching to Carlito: one app where guests could order food&drinks from all areas of the hotel, and a second app that served as a digital guest portfolio. Carlito combines these functions and improves our workflow at the reception and the content management is really user-friendly. Visually, it is clearly structured and can be adapted perfectly to the hotel CI.

A photo of the lady that

Annalena Messner



Our Carlito app gets used a lot by our guests. It is very user-friendly and there are always new cool features. Also the customer support is super friendly & competent. Simply a great product!

Christian Kupplwieser

Hotel Owner

Der Mohrenwirt ****

For our new hotel concept, we have really found an innovative partner in Carlito. Because the app is connected to our PMS and Orderando, our guests can easily book their consumption at our three trusted bars to their room. Tap your own beer, scan the QR code and transfer everything directly to your room in ASA via the app. Salute! This makes our workflow much easier and the guests enjoy using it. We definitely recommend Carlito!

Martin Pircher

Hotel Owner

Avidea ****

Real stories, real success: see what our happy clients have to say!

Screenshot of digital guest directory's interface featuring Surroundings and Events module for enhancing guest satisfaction and promoting partner collaborations with tailored local experiences and custom content

Enhance Guest Stays with Personalized Destination Guides & Events

Boost guest satisfaction and partner collaborations by offering tailored local experiences through your digital guest directory's "Surroundings" and "Events"module.


Create custom categories and articles, while cross-selling partner services using unique discount codes and incentives.


You will hear back from us shortly!

Get Started with Carlito - Claim Your 30-Day Free Trial

Here is what happens when you submit the form:

We create a custom demo with your hotel's brand theme.

A dedicated solutions expert will reach out to schedule a convenient time with you.

Carlito (Yes, the mustache guy!) will pop open a champagne bottle just for you

Customizable categories

Cater to diverse guest interests and preferences, solving the challenge of trip planning.

Cross-selling opportunities

Boost revenue and enhance guest experiences by promoting partner services with special offers and discount codes.

Tailored content

Offer valuable insights and ideas to guests, eliminating the need for extensive research.

Local knowledge sharing

Share insider tips and recommendations, addressing the demand for authentic experiences.

Incorporate trusted content

Simply search within the module for restaurants, attractions, and more to create engaging destination guides that cater to diverse guest interests and streamline their local discovery experience - Powered by Google.

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