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Do you need a Gastfreund alternative? Discover why hoteliers are switching to Carlito!

Carlito offers more features for half the price!

Carlito bietet mehr Features zum halben Preis!

F&B-Management for Hotels

Erfahren Sie, wie das neue F&B-Modul von Carlito Ihren Arbeitsalltag im Hotel erleichtert und gleichzeitig Gäste begeistert.

Efficient FnB Management for Hotels.

Simplify your booking process and enhance the guest experience with our web-based cross-selling platform.

What is Bookito Cross-Selling?

In the demanding hotel industry, hoteliers face significant challenges in managing their operations and delivering personalized guest experiences. Bookito assists with disorganization, overbooking, and limited insight into guest preferences.


Revenue growth


Guest loyalty


Operational efficiency

Bookito explained quickly? – Take 2 minutes for our tutorial.

Seamless booking

Guests can easily book hotel services through a user-friendly platform, making their stay more enjoyable and stress-free.

Service selection

Detailed descriptions and customization options enable guests to make informed decisions and select services that align with their individual needs and preferences.

Real-time availability

Give your guests the opportunity to book services and activities when they want with Bookito's real-time availability management.

Unique offers

By centralizing services on one platform, hoteliers make it easier for guests to explore and book unique services, enhance the overall stay experience, and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Main benefits

for guests.

Centralized management

Booking patterns enable hotels to make informed decisions about capacity planning, service offerings, and resource allocation, leading to improved operations and increased revenue.

Service selection

By capturing booking trends and guest preferences, hotels can identify opportunities to enhance their services and prices, thereby maximizing their profitability.

Cost savings

Optimized processes, improved planning, and streamlined resource allocation help hotels reduce costs and enhance overall efficiency.

Convenient F&B-orders

The ordering function streamlines F&B operations, boosts revenues, reduces wait times, and lightens the workload for staff, allowing them to focus on exceptional service by offering mobile orders and diverse delivery options.

Main benefits for


Effortlessly transform services into bookable experiences.

Service categories

Bookable services

Full customization