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Discover how you can transform a classic guest guide into a profitable on-site-guest-support

Always both sides in focus: the guest as well as the reception. Only if guests find it easier to use information with real benefits, it takes pressure off of the reception and everyone is happy. This is how you turn an absolute newcomer into a loyal regular.

HOW? You can find out here:

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No annoying download from the App or Playstore

Once scanned, the web app opens and works like a usual app. The guest sees your logo on his smartphone, not ours. This means that even if they are already back home and take a look at your icon every now and then, they always remember their time with you: omnipresent.

Your own hotel app with just a few clicks

You can create your own hotel app in no time at all. Of course, we'll help you if you want. In this way, you can set up your own user-friendly and branded app with just a few clicks and without any annoying set-up marathons.

Easy and safe

Especially in times of omnipresent digitalisation, we help you not only to stay up to date, but also to meet the growing demands of your guests quickly and easily. Guaranteed fail-safe.

A multilingual app in no time at all

A real "aha" moment for every receptionist who wants the perfect translation in seconds. Thanks to the integration of a professional translation tool, you create the texts in your mother tongue. Our tool takes care of the rest. Ready to use in all languages in just a few moments: wow!

When it hurts, we're there: 24/7

If, for some reason, there is a problem somewhere, you can rest assured. Our support team will take care of you wherever you need it, and fast as an arrow. Everyone appreciates that. Because we still really value fair dealings with all our customers.

The smartest 60 seconds at check-In

Give your guests all the necessary and helpful information for their stay, easily and quickly - in handbag format and without paperwork: Opening hours, telephone numbers, menus, but also bus and train departure times, concerts in your area and much more are part of the perfect stay.

This is how your guests see your app


Features for visionary hoteliers

Ready to dive in? Create your app today.

Create your very own app, completely white-label and with all the features you need to be ahead of the competition.

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Intuitive controls. Let technology work for you.

The best user experience on the market

Drag and Drop

AI Automated translations

Extensive documentation and video tutorials

More than just an app.
A complete digital ecosystem.

White Label

Your appearance Our service

  • In all our packages, your own Branding is fully integrated.
  • Import your own images, color palette and text to make the application your own in every respect.

Increase Revenue

Upsell your products and services

  • Promote your own products and services in the “Highlights section”
  • Integrate Our ordering widget so your Guests can order from and to anywhere without the need of a waiter.
  • The ordering widget is available for Premium and Professional customers only.

The MIRAMONTI used two different apps before switching to Carlito: one app where guests could order food&drinks from all areas of the hotel, and a second app that served as a digital guest portfolio. Carlito has combined and elaborated both. Having only one app for this improves the workflow at the reception. In addition, the app is linked to Orderando and ASA. The content management is also really user-friendly. Visually, it is clearly structured and can be adapted to the hotel in terms of colour. The service is very well and we always get informed about current updates.

Annalena Messner, MIRAMONTI

Carlito has lifted pressure off of my employees and my guests are able to enjoy their stay more autonomousely. They love our app!

Julia Spögler, Hotel Patrizia


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Reach more with your App.

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Info Contentlimited
Autom.”Points of Interest” import
Live Chat
TV App
1-click cleaning cancellation
Event import
Booking module

Includes all future additional paid features and modules!

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Frequently asked questions

Have a specific question? Contact us

Generally yes. However, we do also offer a basic content filling and branding service based on relevant information of your area, which can then be complemented with your own content

Yes. We work on new features and optimisations every day and release a new bundle of updates and features automatically every month. All included.

Yes, simply contact us if you would like to have an individual configuration and we will compile the perfect package for you.

Ready to dive in? Create your app today.

Create your very own app, completely white-label and with all the features you need to be ahead of the competition.

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