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Parc Hotel am See focuses on service optimization.

Parc Hotel am See
& Carlito

Surrounded by Northern Italian vineyards and apple orchards, Parc Hotel am See enhances the guest experience with solutions from Carlito. The idyllic hotel on Lake Caldaro focuses on digital guest service and places a strong emphasis on sustainability.

Explore the transformative journey of Parc Hotel am See and learn how Carlito's smart solutions enrich guest interaction and day-to-day operations.

“Dank Carlito können unsere Gäste nun direkt von der Liegewiese am See ihre Bestellungen aufgeben und alle releventen Tipps durchstöbern.”

Marcus Decarli

Hotel Manager - Parc Hotel am See


Interacting guests

per month.



check-in time


Efficiency improvement

in FnB

The results speak for themselves!

The Dream by the Lake

The Parkhotel am See enchants with its impressive location directly on the shores of Lake Caldaro, the warmest bathing lake in the Alps. This charming boutique hotel, opened in 2001 and run by a warm-hearted family, offers a total of 46 rooms, with the majority providing a picturesque view of the lake.

Thanks to its two private boat docks, guests have convenient access to the lake at any time and can refresh themselves whenever they please. An additional highlight of this hotel is the wellness area with a splendid outdoor pool, completing the overall wellness experience.

Parc Hotel am See has responded to these challenges by introducing the Carlito web app. The app seamlessly integrates into the updated communication strategy, enabling interactive FnB orders, chat features, and the option to cancel room service.

This intelligent move has not only cleared operational hurdles but also elevated guest satisfaction to a new level.

The solution

In the world of boutique hotels like Parc Hotel am See, the pursuit is for exceptional service and personal attention. However, especially during peak times of check-in and check-out, maintaining service quality and information flow at a high level without losing the personal touch can be challenging.

Finding the right balance is crucial for success in this demanding industry.

The challenge

At Parkhotel am See, guests can effortlessly order refreshments in the picturesque outdoor area through Carlito's ordering tool via smartphone, showcasing an outstanding example of efficient and personalized service in boutique hotels.

FnB Orders

Parc Hotel am See integrated Carlito into the welcome process by granting guests app access in the pre-arrival welcome email. This accelerated the check-in process by 60%, providing a seamless start for guests and time savings for the staff.


Carlito relieved the teams at Parc Hotel am See, improved communication, and provided guests with quick access to information while enabling efficient task management for the staff.

Service Optimization

& Integration

To conclude the successful transformation journey of Parc Hotel am See with Carlito, we want to highlight the seamless integration phase. The versatility of Carlito and its compatibility with any existing Property Management System ensured a smooth transition for the hotel.

Impressively, Parc Hotel am See was equipped with the benefits of Carlito within just two days.

Thanks to Carlito, our guests can now place their orders directly from the lakeside sunbathing area. A win-win situation for everyone.

Marcus Decarli

Hotel Manager - Parc Hotel am See

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