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Local cuisine, wellness & digital convenience.

Gerstl & Carlito

The renowned Alpine retreat "Das Gerstl" seamlessly combines tradition with modernity in a unique form. The creation of unforgettable guest experiences remains unwavering; rather, the host family has chosen to complement their approach with digital solutions like Carlito.

By enhancing guest communication, they keep their guests constantly updated and informed about the unique experiences that Das Gerstl has to offer.

"Carlito allows our guests to quickly and easily find all essential information directly in the app. The consolidated information is much more accessible and relieves our staff, especially at the front desk."

Andreas Pernthaler

DAS GERSTL Alpine Retreat *****


Interacting guests

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Efficiency improvement

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The results speak for themselves!

Between radical locality & world-class wellness

At the Gerstl Family Resort, there is a consistent focus on using regional products from a 30-kilometer radius. A broad range of over 60 suppliers, including local farmers, contribute to the authentic and sustainable cuisine. In the summer, these farmers actively participate in the cooking process to ensure quality.

The resort also offers luxurious wellness facilities, saunas, and panoramic pools. For active guests, there is a bicycle rental service, and a variety of in-house events are provided.

To optimize communication with guests, the Gerstl team has enlisted the help of Carlito. Carlito provides information, tips, morning updates, and handles service requests on demand.

By introducing the Carlito app, Gerstl has found an effective method to optimize its services, engage guests more deeply, and support the unique R30 philosophy.

This customized solution not only enhanced the hotel's brand communication but also serves as a versatile tool for guests and a medium for sustainable practices, including daily requests for the bed-turn-down service.

The solution

Before Carlito, the Gerstl Family Resort had another hotel app that, unfortunately, did not meet expectations due to significant technical issues, an unsatisfactory user experience, and disappointing efficiency and communication.

The holistic commitment to sustainability also necessitated a drastic reduction in paper consumption, highlighting the need for a new digital solution.

The challenge

The Carlito app serves as a practical tool to convey Gerstl's unique R30 philosophy. Guests can use the app to learn more about the R30 suppliers, deepening their understanding and appreciation for the local delicacies offered at the hotel.


The attractive, user-friendly design of the Carlito app complements the hotel brand perfectly. Our solution offers guests numerous options to simplify their holiday planning and gather comprehensive information well in advance.

Guest experience
"Carlito enables us to simplify our guests' holiday planning and provide tips for individual needs at any time. Through digitization, we can significantly reduce paper consumption and achieve our sustainability goals."

Host family Gerstl & Team

DAS GERSTL Alpine Retreat *****

& Integration

Within just two days, Gerstl seamlessly integrated the platform into its existing system. This rapid and efficient integration resulted in an immediate improvement in communication, utilization of wellness offerings, and awareness of the unique R30 concept.

Carlito's commitment to user-friendly solutions not only benefits the guests but also supports the hotel staff, contributing significantly to the enhancement of the wellness experience at Hotel Gerstl.

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