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Carlito Announces Strategic Partnership with YANOVIS

Merano, BZ - Carlito, the innovative Hoteltech start-up, unveiled its strategic alliance with YANOVIS. With two years of dedicated operations under its belt, Carlito is keen to further its focus on enhancing the guest experience in collaboration with YANOVIS.

Central to this partnership is Carlito's vision to craft a comprehensive ecosystem that integrates the pre-stay and on-stay experiences for guests, providing hoteliers with a unified platform to simplify operations and increase their revenues while boosting guest satisfaction.

The partnership is expected to combine the expertise of both entities, focusing on providing a comprehensive solution for hotels, with all guest touch points into one ecosystem. The objective is to simplify hotel operations and improve overall guest satisfaction.

"We see significant potential in joining forces with YANOVIS. Their knowledge and experience in will be instrumental in our shared vision to refine and expand our offerings," stated Michael Michael Hochkofler, Founder and CSO of Carlito. Carlito anticipates new opportunities arising from this collaboration and is optimistic about the future prospects within the hotel industry.

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About Carlito:

Carlito is a next-generation Hotel Guest App created to elevate the hotel guest journey. Through its integrated approach, Carlito combines the pre-stay and on-stay experiences on a single platform. This allows hotels to offer a more holistic service, simplifying operations and improving guest satisfaction. Designed with innovation and the needs of the modern traveler in mind, Carlito aims to set a new standard in hotel guest interactions.


Yanovis has a clear mission: to develop individual software solutions that simplify everyday tasks in the tourism industry and boost efficiency and profits. Thanks to its many years of market experience, innovation, and continual development, Yanovis’s solutions guarantee benefits for partners and customers alike.


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